ALMIGHTY GROUP OF SCHOOLS has been formed with a vision to bring about an intellectual awakening and transformation in social, educational, economic & cultural fields in India.. APS, has a chain of schools in the name of "ALMIGHTY PUBLIC SCHOOL" situated at the major districts of BIHAR, JHARKHAND, WEST BANGAL & U.P.

APS desires to spread education among Women in rural areas & preservation of our cultural heritage like Music, Drama, Painting & other Arts. Our ardent wish to make education accessible to every child in India, is achieved and slowly but surely throughout States & the progress of the entire nation.

Entrust your child at APS; we take this as an opportunity to prove to the world the value of it. We leave no stone unturned to lay a strong academic and value-based foundation. Beginning from the Pre-primary school and ascending up to the Specialized Post graduation Programs; every student steps out not just with a qualification but with an unending verve to make their own place under the sun, with a confidence to take the world by their stride.

Play School aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.
The program shows two warm, caring people taking the time to be with one child. They address the child directly and personally. Into this relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of children's culture.

Almighty Play School is successful because it satisfies our basic human need to interact with other people and to be valued by them. Almighty Play School aims to extend the child's interest and it encourages participation.

Each program contains a story, some songs (both traditional and new) and a variety of play ideas with things to make and do. Each week has a theme which is developed in different ways depending on the day. The daily format usually includes the Clock and a look outside Play School via the Windows.

It is now a well-established fact that the competence of a preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child's early developmental years. As the words itself suggests, ALMIGHTY Play School refers to early childhood and Play school education is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature.

We, at Almighty play school, realize that the child's time spent with us is vital to initiate his/her intellectual and spiritual growth. We make a sincere effort in ensuring that the quality of Pre-school Education is upheld across each of our branches through enrolling the best and most experienced Educators and employing the most innovative teaching aids, both classroom-study and outdoor-activities based.

Our curriculum is remarkable because it has neither alienated the understanding of Indian values and social structure nor does it blindly follow the American/Montessori method of preschool education. We have created a teaching programme that retains Indian culture in its core but is adapted and instructed in such a manner that it is at par and, perhaps, even better than most international pre-school education formats.

  • Hostels
    At Almighty Group, we also provided the Hostel Facility for the students. Where students got the total facility.

  • Lodging Facility
    In a room 3/4/5 children stay together. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and toilet with hot water facility. Each child is provided a bed, mattress, pillow, cupboard, study table, chair and a common dressing table.

  • Food & Nutrition
    Four meals a day are provided keeping in mind the liking of the students. The meals are planned by a dietician. We provide all varieties of menu like Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese & fast food.

  • Health & medical care
    A child specialist visits the hostel regularly & the hostel has a fully equipped infirmary. Particular diseases like skin, eye, orthopedic are treated by specialist. If a child suffers from any contagious disease than the parents will be requested to take the child home for proper cure & care. The child can return only when fully cured. The hostels have fully equipped health club and well trained teachers to teach yoga.

  • Laundry
    Arrangement is made for the daily washing & ironing of uniform & undergarments. The hostel arranges for the washing & ironing of the hostel uniform, civil dresses, towels, socks, bed sheets, pillow covers etc.

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